What We Do


Global Equity Funds

Our infrastructure equity funds have been the cornerstone of GIP’s business since our founding in 2006, and today represent ~$60 billion of the Firm’s assets under management. Our global equity funds continue the Firm’s tried and tested approach to investing in core and core-plus infrastructure opportunities, predominantly in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (“OECD”) countries. Our infrastructure equity funds focus on:

  • Energy, Transport, Digital, and Water / Waste infrastructure sectors;
  • Proprietary, proactive and selective deal origination;
  • Large-scale, complex transactions with limited competition;
  • Ability to form strategic joint ventures with leading industrial partners;
  • Control-oriented investments;
  • High-quality businesses and assets with potential for outperformance through growth, operational value add and de-risking;
  • Well-timed and disciplined entries and strategic exits.

Specialized Equity

GIP Australia

The GIP Australia (“GIPA”) investment platform was formed to provide larger scale investors (local and global) with access to high quality, larger scale, Australian infrastructure investment opportunities via transactions executed and managed by GIP.  GIPA combines GIP’s global and local investment, operational and management capabilities with an AUD denominated, flexible investment platform.  

GIP Emerging Markets

GIP’s investing history in Emerging Markets dates back to 2007. The GIP Emerging Markets team, with deep insight in emerging markets fundamentals, extensive investment expertise and market leading local experience and networks, seeks to provide investors with a differentiated investment opportunity to access the emerging markets in Asia and Latin America. GIP Emerging Markets employs a strategy consistent with GIP’s global equity funds, focused primarily on energy, transport, digital, water/waste and other industries where the team has proven capabilities.


GIP ATLAS invests exclusively in listed infrastructure. Its approach to the sector matches that of the private infrastructure investor, with a focus on the returns associated with the long-term cash flows of the assets of listed infrastructure companies. The team takes close account of the duration of contracted revenue, the regulatory environment, and the impact of inflation and interest rates, and evaluates the specific risks associated with revenue streams of each listed company, with particular attention to climate related risks.  For more information, please see  https://www.atlasinfrastructure.com/    


In 2015, GIP Credit was formed to make non-equity investments, with the ability to transact across multiple entry points in the capital structure. GIP Credit targets energy, transport, digital, water/waste and other industries or projects with infrastructure-like characteristics. GIP Credit seeks to leverage the broader GIP platform, creating a symbiotic relationship to source, diligence and structure bilaterally originated credit opportunities where we can act as the lead or anchor credit investor.

For our portfolio of credit investments, GIP Credit often provides custom tailored financing solutions across a breadth of capital needs, including greenfield and brownfield projects, acquisition finance, liquidity and growth, restructuring and secondary purchases.

Our credit activities span a range of the credit spectrum and can be accessed through two avenues, broadly categorized by investment vehicles whereby we:

  • Originate, structure, underwrite and manage privately negotiated, custom tailored debt and preferred equity infrastructure investments, targeting opportunities where we can act as the sole, lead, or anchor investor with primary focus on downside protection and preservation of capital based on assets which are typically unrated but map to a “B” credit quality.
  • Target private, public, and syndicated senior or subordinated debt infrastructure investments, primarily with a credit profile which maps to BB to B.