At GIP, making a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate is fundamental to our business and companies with which we work.


GIP is committed to adopting ESG best practices with the aim of being best-in-class in ESG

ESG has long been at the core of GIP’s approach to investing in and operating its businesses in a safe and responsible manner. At GIP, we believe that respecting environmental, health, safety, labor, social, corporate governance and business integrity concerns is crucial to the delivery of strong returns to our investors. At GIP, we have a long-term practice of embracing ESG for the entire life cycle of an investment and integrating the ESG considerations into our investment process, from origination to exit. Climate change and social trends have intensified our focus and commitment. GIP’s ESG-dedicated team of professionals work hand in hand with the investment team as well as our portfolio companies. View our ESG policy here..


GIP is committed to meaningfully helping the communities in which we live and work. We engage with several impactful initiatives supporting our communities through strategic partnerships, charitable giving, team involvement, and support. GIP’s charitable program is focused on social mobility and diversity, through our flagship charity Engineering Tomorrow and various other charitable partners.

Below are two examples of GIP’s program:

Engineering Tomorrow is a non-profit organization founded by Bill Wooburn, a former GE executive and a founding partner at GIP. The mission of Engineering Tomorrow is to expose high school students to engineering, with a focus on historically underrepresented populations in this field. Engineers develop labs that address relevant and pressing global problems that require an engineer’s expertise to solve, such as renewable energy, water reuse, and health and disease control. These virtual labs are delivered to over 200 schools annually. Since 2014, the program has served more than 32,000 students and 76% of participating students indicate an increased interest in engineering as a career after participating in these unique labs.

SEO supports talented individuals from underrepresented groups in pursuing careers across leading industries. GIP has been involved in SEO’s US Alternative Investments Program (AIP) for several years, before becoming a founding partner of the AIP in the UK. Launched in 2021, the AIP aims to raise increase diversity in the industry. The AIP will provide training, mentoring, job opportunities and ongoing career support. AIP’s flagship Fellowship program will build on the success of the US program, which successfully placed over 90% of its participants into permanent positions within private equity and alternative asset managers.